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Azur-Colloque : registration

Azur-Colloque : registration

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ASTROSIMHighlights and prospects for numerical astrophysics in FranceInformationRegistration 
BIOSIMIA 20182ndes journes nationales BioSimia 2018InformationRegistration 
C2Journes Codage & Cryptographie 2018InformationRegistration 
DPM18Damage in Polymeric Materials: from the molecular to macroscopic scaleInformationPre-registrationConfirm a pre-registration
EALEEuropean Association of Labour Economists 2018InformationRegistration 
ELyT School 2018ELyT School 2018InformationPre-registrationConfirm a pre-registration
EMEC19European Meeting on Environmental ChemistryInformationPre-registrationConfirm a pre-registration
IDE 2018GDRI IDE 2018InformationRegistration 
RAFALD 2018RAFALD 2018InformationPre-registrationConfirm a pre-registration
RIO 2018Realisation d'un Instrument d'OptiqueInformationRegistration 

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